Adam Vincent Lentini

Director - Consulting


Industrial automation and large-scale production and logistic around Just in Time delivery products. 

Mass production of furniture related production 

Cross border businesses between Canada, United States and Mexico

Large scale structural steel and Architectural product manufacturing. 

Large Scale Import and Export from the Asian Market.

3PL and Logistic specialist


A former founder and CEO of a large-scale furniture manufacturing company servicing the flat pack and ready-to-assembly industries, Adam has a strong understanding of what is required to build and grow a domestic manufacturing, Company. Being heavily involved in the production and shipping of finished goods in factories located in both Canada and United State, Adam can see better than most the key importance of geographic locations of production facilities, 3pl, cross border shipping locations and the value that automation can bring into an industrial space. In addition to understanding physical workings of domestic warehousing and production, Adam has a strong rooted background in business finance, which only adds to his ability to grow companies across North America.

Additional Expertise

CEO – Pal-Tech Group of Companies 

Principal and VP of Sales Rule #5 Consulting


HBA, International Relations and Western European History from the University of Toronto

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