Matt Downe

Managing Director, KWILL Studios

Matt is an experienced and passionate filmmaker, committed to bringing creative visions to life through storytelling and cinematography. Prior to joining KWILL, Matt has adeptly managed and grown his own small business since 2013. As a partner and creative director, Matt’s role transcends general management; he actively seeks new clients, oversees multiple projects, and caters to diverse client needs, ensuring utmost satisfaction.​

As a filmmaker, Matt excels in balancing project objectives with cinematic artistry, leaving a lasting impact on the intended audience. He takes pride in delivering high-quality, impactful visuals that resonate with viewers. Matt’s passion for storytelling drives him to create captivating experiences, whether collaborating with clients or working independently, all through the lens of a camera.​

  • Southern Methodist University, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology​
  • TTP – Partner, Creative Director, Cinematographer​
  • Acquity Group – Video Producer, Editor​
  • Federal Aviation Federation, Certified Remote Pilot​
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